Lab Members

The Rand Lab circa 2018. Back Row, Left to Right: Jim Mossman, Shawn Williams, Ian Light, Rob Blattner, Kim Neil, David Ferranti, Faye Lemieux, Joaquin Nunez, and David Rand. Front Row, Left to Right: Sierra Harken, Adam Spierer, John Santiago, Jude Santiago.     

David M. Rand

Principal Investigator, Stephen T. Olney Professor of Natural History, Chair of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB), Director of COBRE Center for Computational Biology of Human Disease, Co-Director of Computational Biology Core

Ph.D., Yale University, 1987
Sc.B., Harvard University, 1980


My primary Research interests are: Molecular population genetics, comparative genomics and evolution; coevolution of nuclear and mitochondrial genomes; mitochondrial aging; genomics of thermal selection; case studies with Drosophila; barnacles, and Fundulus

Faye Lemieux

Laboratory Manager

Sc.B., Montana State University, 1998


I am responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Rand Lab as it pertains to his research on molecular population genetics and evolution in Drosophila.

Kimberly B. Neil (née Cohen)

Ph.D. Candidate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB)

A.B., Colby College, 2009

I'm broadly interested in the maintenance of functionally and ecologically significant genetic variation associated with wild populations, particularly in the contexts of pathogen-driven selection and microbiota. My current research investigates these areas in New England's threatened and nonnative cottontails, and draws from evolutionary ecology, immunogenetics, conservation genetics, and disease ecology.

Shawn B. Williams

Ph.D. Candidate in Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB)

Sc.B., John Jay College, CUNY,  2015


I’m interested in how the mitochondrial and nuclear genome interact to regulate metabolic function. Specifically, I am focused on understanding how these interactions regulate the processing and storage of lipids.

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Lab Alunmi

Post-Doc Fellows 

  1. Lisa Kann, Post-Doc, Currently works in the Biotech Industry

  2. Daniel Weinreich, Post-Doc, Now a Faculty member at Brown University

  3. Michael Palmer, Post-Doc, Currently works in the Biotech Industry

  4. Colin Meiklejohn, Post-Doc, Now a Faculty member at Indiana University 

  5. Kristi Montooth, Post-Doc, Now a Faculty member at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

  6. Lei Zhu, Post-Doc, Currently works in the Biotech Industry

  7. Eugenia Villa-Cuesta, Post-Doc, Now a Faculty member at Adelphi University

  8. James Mossman, Post-Doc, Currently works in the Biotech Industry

Doctoral Students

  1. Alice Brown

  2. Patrick Flight, Now works in the Biotech Industry 

  3. Adam Fry,  Now a Faculty member at University of Connecticut

  4. Matthew Hamilton, Now a Faculty member at Georgetown University

  5. Robert Haney,  Now a Researcher at University of Massachusetts - Lowell

  6. Marissa Holmbeck,  Now a Post-Doc at Yale University

  7. Steve Kilpatrick,  Now a Faculty member at University of Pittsburg 

  8. Ellen Paxinos, Now works in the Biotech Industry

  9. Paul Schmidt, Now a Faculty member at University of Pennsylvania

  10. Adam Spierer

  11. John Santiago, Now a post-doc at Brown University

  12. Joaquin Nunez, Now a post-doc at the University of Virginia

Master's Students

  1. Bruce Bryan, Now works in the Biotech Industry

  2. Rebecca Wagaman 



  1. Mark Siegal, 1992

  2. Michele Dorfsman, 1993

  3. Kristin Zvonar, 1993

  4. Jeff Townsend, 1994

  5. Mike Kiparsky, 1995

  6. Carolyn Hutter, 1995

  7. Eleanor Brown, 1995

  8. Aaron May, 1996

  9. Dan Lerman, 1997

  10. Erica Rosenblum, 1997

  11. John Morrow, 1997

  12. Ron Palmon, 1997

  13. Roger Han, 1998

  14. Dan Basila, 1998

  15. Andy Kern, 1999

  16. Brent Cezairliyan, 2000

  17. Paula Spaeth, 2001

  18. Tim Sackton, 2001

  19. Sarah Kingan, 2002

  20. Jeff Rasmussen, 2002

  21. Brandon Finegold, 2002

  22. Ellen Goldstein, 2004

  23. Zelalem Alehegn, 2004

  24. Lietta Nicolaides, 2005

  25. Johanna Kowalko, 2005

  26. Eric Franzosa, 2006

  27. Jeffrey Hofmann, 2008

  28. Sean Prior, 2007

  29. Max Rubinstein, 2008

  30. Ikenna Achilihu, 2008

  31. Maggie Sogin, 2009

  32. Anya Brown, 2009

  33. Leann Barnes, 2009

  34. Stephanie Le, 2010

  35. Deborah Gorth, 2010

  36. Nicholas Jourjine, 2011

  37. Eli Moss, 2011

  38. Paul Ingelmo, 2011

  39. John Vu, 2012

  40. Melanie Berger, 2013

  41. Yawei (Jenn) Ge, 2013

  42. Christina Farrell, 2014

  43. Taliya Lantsman, 2014

  44. Julia Donner, 2015

  45. Russyan Mark Mabeza, 2015

  46. Denise Yoon, 2017

  47. Cynthia Hale-Philips, 2017

  48. Brian Franklin, 2017

  49. Robert Blattner, 2019

  50. David Ferranti, 2019

  51. Sierra Harken, 2019 

  52. Ian Light, 2020